Tracker Wall is a blog to document how publishers using online trackers are responding to the GDPR and ePrivacy laws (the ePrivacy Directive and, once it comes into force, the draft ePrivacy Regulations).

What’s a tracker?

A tracker is a service the monitors the user on one website or across many websites. These are web analytics, such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, and also ad networks. They do so for different purposes, and although they all track users, the privacy implications of a tracker can be materially different from other tracker.

What’s a tracker wall?

A tracker wall, or consent wall or cookie wall, is when a publisher website puts up a notice for website visitors telling them about trackers used on the site. This notice is required by law, and regulators do impose fines for violations.

What’s Tracker Wall, this website?

There is huge variation in how publishers try to meet these obligations, and this blog documents this variation. The fact there is this much variation is interesting in its own right. What’s more interesting is the implementation of some publishers has details that are extremely different from the norm, or may be even unique.

Important disclosure

Tracker Wall was created and is edited by Pierre Far, the founder of Blockmetry, which is a non-tracking web analytics service.
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash.